NordVPN & Amazon Instant Video Review

When you think about Video on Demand (VOD) or video streaming services, the first few names that would come to your mind would probably be Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and HBO Go. If you have been constantly on the lookout for such services, or if you have been following the latest news in the video on demand industry, by now you would be aware that Amazon offers one such service called Amazon Prime Video or simply Amazon Video.


Amazon Prime Video is a subscription service available for access in different countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Japan, Canada, Brazil, France, India, and more. In some of these countries, the service is made available with Amazon Prime membership, while in others, people are required to sign up for separate Amazon Video subscription. Whatever may be the case, the content offered by the respective versions of the video streaming service can be accessed only in that particular region and not outside.

The problem here is that, even if you have an Amazon Prime account or an active subscription with Amazon prime Video, the service will still monitor your location using your IP address. And when it determines your location to be outside the specific country or region, it will display a message stating that you are not located within the region of access and that you will not be able to access its content due to licensing restrictions. In order to get around this restriction, all you need is an IP address from the country where you have your Amazon Prime or Amazon Video subscription.


Unblock Amazon Instant Video From Anywhere with NordVPN

You can easily bypass the restriction by using the services offered by NordVPN, a powerful VPN service provider in today’s VPN market. Many internet users seem to prefer NordVPN because the service has VPN servers located all over the world, a total of 3500 servers in 61 different countries to be exact. As a result, you gain access to multiple servers in the location of your choice, and you can switch between servers any number of times in order to enjoy uninterrupted access to your favorite videos on Amazon Prime Video.


Once you sign up with NordVPN, all you need to do is download and install the application on the device you choose to use, and simply select a server located in the country of your Amazon Video subscription to establish a connection. Within a matter of minutes, your current IP address will be replaced by a new IP address from the country of the server and you can start watching TV shows, movies, and other videos on Amazon Prime Video as if you were located in its country of origin.

NordVPN is known for its flexible pricing plans, great features, and also different protocol choices. The application is easy to setup and use, and the VPN’s servers are known to be highly secure and extremely fast. And the fact that the VPN service allows you to have six simultaneous connections is a huge advantage when you need to unblock geo blockades and use private, secure, and anonymous internet connection at the same time.

Everything considered, it is only fair to mention that NordVPN is indeed a powerful VPN service that would be apt for unblocking and accessing Amazon Prime Video from your location. Special offer: 2 Years for $3.49/month (70% Discount)!