PrivateInternetAccess VPN & Amazon Instant Video Review

When you are looking to shop online, perhaps the first site that comes to your mind would be Amazon. In addition being a famous online retailer, Amazon has also been expanding its services in different categories or industries, and Amazon Prime Video is the company’s venture into the online video streaming industry.

Designed and operated specifically to provide users with the best entertainment, Amazon Prime Video can be accessed for free by Amazon Prime members, and others can directly subscribe for the service the same way you would do with other video streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc.

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It is an undeniable fact that Amazon has one of the largest product offerings when it comes to ecommerce websites. Similarly, the company has also made sure that people are given access to a huge videos library via Amazon Prime Video, by giving its subscribers access to more than 15,000 television episodes and movies, all at one place.

However, when something is too good, there is always a catch. With Amazon Prime Video, the catch is that you cannot access the site’s video content when you are outside the original country. If you have an account with the US version of the service, you need to be in the US to access the videos; the same rule applies to all other versions of Amazon Video as well.

If that’s the case, what can you do when you are in need to travel abroad? Should you just give up on watching your favorite TV series? What if you have to relocate to a different country altogether? The most effective answer to all these questions is: Private Internet Access VPN.

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Private Internet Access is known to be one of the best VPN service providers out there.

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Providing its users with a lot of useful and advanced features, an easy to use interface, great file sharing support, and more such functionalities, this VPN service is widely preferred and used by both individuals and businesses alike. The service has more than 3200 VPN servers located in 24 different countries, and the count is likely to increase with time as the company keeps expanding to new locations.

With thousands of servers to connect to, accessing Amazon Prime Video from any country of your choice will not be a problem at all. This is because, when you connect to a Private Internet Access VPN server located in the country where you have your Amazon Video account, your current IP address will be hidden and replaced by an IP from that country, and the video streaming service will be made to believe that you are accessing content from within that region. This is called circumventing, and with the use of Private Internet Access VPN, you get to stream videos without facing geo restrictions.

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As the VPN service provides unlimited bandwidth, direct online streaming of videos can be done without any lag in your internet connection. And since the VPN network is encrypted, you get to stay anonymous whenever you go online, and enjoy complete privacy and security. Offering some certainly impressive features, Private Internet Access is an absolutely efficient and affordable VPN service.