PureVPN & Amazon Instant Video Review

If you are looking to stream videos any time of the day, from anywhere around the country, Amazon Instant Prime Video would be an excellent choice of video streaming service for you. Introduced and operated by the world famous shopping website, Amazon, this video on demand platform is known for its wide selection of programming, including the company’s original series, all of which together will thoroughly meet your entertainment needs.

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Now available for people in the UK, the United States, Germany, Austria, Japan, and more regions around the world, the video streaming service requires you to sign up for a subscription plan in order to be able to enjoy the huge variety of video content. Alternatively, you will also be allowed access to the service if you already own an Amazon Prime account.

Each version of the website or service, like the US version, UK version, etc., can be accessed only from that specific country and not from outside the region. This is due to what is called geographic restriction imposed by the service, and when this restriction is in place, Amazon Prime Video will determine your current location using your IP address and deny access to its content if you happen to be in a different country or region.

The most effective way to bypass this restriction would be to hide your original IP address and replace it with a one from the country of your Amazon Video or Prime membership. This can be done by using a reliable VPN service like PureVPN.

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Established in the year 2006 with the aim of protecting the online privacy of internet users and offering them complete internet freedom, PureVPN is an excellent VPN service that offers numerous useful features to its subscribers. When it comes to using video streaming websites online, including Amazon Prime Video, using a VPN service, the most important feature you should look for is speed. As PureVPN self-manages its entire VPN network, you can be assured of experience the best possible streaming speeds at all times.

PureVPN currently owns and operates more than 500 servers in 141 different countries. Therefore, even if you encounter issues with one server located in your country of choice, you can always switch to a different server to attain the desired speed and performance. As mentioned earlier, PureVPN manage their DNS hardware and VPN network on their own, which gives you great speeds to stream your favorite videos, whether at home or when you travel.

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Sign up for PureVPN and you can get instant access to Amazon Instant Prime Video, no matter where you are in the world. The service not only helps you circumvent geographic restrictions, but also makes your online sessions completely private, secure, and anonymous, thus giving you the ultimate online freedom. And as each of the VPN service’s servers support all types of security protocols, your online activities remain secure and cannot be monitored or tracked by fraudsters.

PureVPN is a strong VPN service provider giving you a great combination of basic and advanced features.