The Best Way to View UK Netflix in Canada

America along with Canada are good neighbours, but occasionally it may be useful to be situated in america, particularly when it’s about Netflix, since there are lots of goodies offered to US Netflix users, which are not available to Netflix customers. What can you do to view US Netflix in Canada?

The clear answer is luckily very easy to understand and to both do. Because to watch US Netflix in Canada you may need to practically reside in the United States. That means you will need to get your self an IP address in America, and you are ready to look at in Canada, once you have that. And with that American IP address you’ll no more get to see what’s available on Canadian Netflix in Canada, but from Canada you can watch and appreciate everything which is available on Netflix in the USA.

To get this American ip we urge the professional services of the VPN supplier PureVPN. They also offer ABC SmartDNS and unblocking for many other programs. They have great service as well as a product that is good also it works perfect for viewing Netflix in the United States from Canada. You can use your already existing Netflix subscription to watch Netflix in the USA from Canada, although you really do not need another Netflix subscription for this to work. You should also know the useful Smart DNS Changer.

And what is even better is that to some server in the Britain that will provide a UK ip to you you can also connect with the PureVPN subscription, and then you’re able to view UK Netflix in Canada. And we’re able to continue recording all the options, since you can even watch Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, Austrian, French, Irish and lots of Netflix states to PureVPN using the same subscription and with your current Netflix subscription. Sounds fantastic?

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Have fun, and dont forget to acquire some fresh atmosphere between each of the Netflix wacthing!