What’s new for VR Porn?

As we chug along nearer and nearer towards the interactive sex-fueled Oculus Rift Porn Utopia that I genuinely hope and dream will come together with the CV1 release (do not we all?), we are given little alternative but to succumb in the meantime to waiting and relegate ourselves instead to scrounging the test bed floor for whatever small bits and pieces of horny good might pop up along the way.

Happily for those of us Oculus Rift DK2 owners who are searching for a fix, I’ve discovered and share with you here a small number of mature demos released on the span of the last month; and some updates empowering Rift support to a few of larger projects as well. Let’s go down the list and speak a little about that which we have found!

What Is BioShock?

In case you haven’t heard the name “Bioshock” by now, you’re likely either lying or you do not actually exist; the franchise is tremendous and a household name for many, but did you know there is a popular pornography variation of the game?

While that might not come as a surprise for most (read rule #34) those naughty peeps behind such titles as “Biocock close” finished at Zone-Archive.com have gone one step further and released a small Rift Porn demo featuring one of our favored damsels in distress – Anna DeWitt (Elizabeth)!

Though there isn’t much to it – you’re placed in the perspective of a man with Anna riding cowgirl and humping away – it is definitely well done and is yet another testament to just how immersive a vrpornmovie can be. Might as well try it out!

The initial homosexual demo for the Rift and wanting lots of work (we are all amateurs at this point though, actually), this quite interesting job includes a man (you) getting anally