Unlocator & Amazon Instant Video Review

If you love watching videos online, you need to know that your options are not limited only to Netflix and Hulu. Amazon Prime Instant Video is another video on demand service that has been gaining popularity over the past few years. However, many people still remain confused about Amazon Instant Video. As a matter of fact, some Amazon Prime subscribers do not even use the video streaming service, while some may not even know that Amazon offers a Netflix-like service and is no more just a huge online retailer.

Over the years, Amazon Prime Instant Video has been expanding its content and now offers a lot of different titles, including exclusive TV shows and latest blockbuster movies. In addition to widening its library, Amazon has also managed to produce its own original series, and has been attracting a lot of new subscribers lately.


However, like with many other video streaming websites, the content of Amazon Prime Instant Video cannot be accessed from outside the United States. But, with a DNS service, the main job of which is to help unblock geo-restricted content, you can circumvent the restriction and access your favorite content.

Unblock Amazon Instant Videos From Anywhere with Unlocator

Unlocator is a Smart DNS service that is known for its excellent speeds, an important feature for any service that lets unblock video streaming websites. The service provider also includes a Smart VPN as its service offering; however, it is most widely preferred for its video streaming websites unblocking ability rather than as a VPN service due to security concerns.


With Unlocator, you can watch videos on Amazon Instant Video even when outside the US, because the service basically masks your original location by changing your DNS server addresses. It does this by changing the network settings on your device. For this process to be successful, the setup must be done correctly, and you should use the DNS codes you receive from the service during the sign up process.

How to Use Unlocator Smart DNS

To use Unlocator, there is absolutely no need to download any software. Therefore, it is extremely easy to use the service on any device you possess, including your smartphone and gaming console, and all you need to do is simply change the network settings on the particular device.

In addition to Amazon Instant, Unlocator also works with more than 210 other channels or services, and the list continues to expand. The service offers a 7-day free trial for which it doesn’t ask for your credit card, which is good, because you get to test the service and its features without any commitment.


When it comes to support, Unlocator has an FAQ page and a separate Support Center. If you wish to contact them, you can only do so through their online contact form and there is no live chat facility, which is quite disappointing. But, considering that it meets our expectations for unblocking Amazon Instant Video from abroad, we do recommend this Smart DNS for the purpose. If you are looking for much more than just unblocking or circumventing geo-restrictions, and online security, privacy and anonymity are your major concerns, you should go for a VPN service.