What does the end of net neutrality mean for crypto currencies?

The Senate has voted to annul the annulment of net neutrality by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Unfortunately, this was only a symbolic victory, because in order to actually implement it, the House of Representatives and the President would have to agree, which is unlikely.

Net neutrality affects every aspect of the Internet

Net neutrality is a President Barack Obama policy that prevents ISPs from arbitrarily controlling access to certain websites and applications. Click at donthatethegeek.com for a cool explanation of what net neutrality is.

The Trump campaign had net neutrality on its agenda during the election campaign and made the repeal one of the only election promises to have been kept so far.

Although the Senate vote to annul the repeal will be media effective, it remains questionable, if not unlikely, that the vote will be followed. Even Burger King has taken up the topic of Whopper Neutrality and its absurdity in an advertising spot.

Net neutrality and crypto currency

Bitcoin and crypto currencies may be decentralized, but most get their coins from crypto exchanges hosted by Internet service providers. BTC is here to stay and it is booming all over the world, as you can also read at http://www.rosarionet.com.ar/rnetw/nota209161.

An ISP that owns a conglomerate can charge users additional fees and slow down access speeds to crypto exchanges without net neutrality. This would mean that it might be more difficult to access crypto currencies.

This could hamper the growth of the industry and the development of technology, as new exchanges may not have a chance to compete in the market. The impact could be even worse for Miner as ISPs (Internet Service Providers) could decide to charge higher fees for nodes or even block them completely.

Most claim that the crypto currency market is too small to be relevant to ISPs. The most interesting areas will be Netflix, Amazon, Youtube and Spotify. However, the crypto currency space is growing. Since hedge funds and big banks are already storming the crypto market, strong growth can definitely be expected.